The Museum and Plans

The first question asked by everyone concerns when the Museum will open! We have set a date of August of 2020 to open at least one major exhibit, and others are also already in the works. It is an ambitious effort because so much repair and preparation must be done on the present house. Details for that are below.

There is a specific reason we want to open in August of 2020: it is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Surely there is no better date to open a museum dedicated to the history of women than the celebration of the Centennial of Women Getting the Vote!

Before any such celebration can happen we need to repair the building beginning with the foundation at one end of the building. This is an immediate need. All the ceilings must be removed in order to install the fire sprinkler system, mandatory for changing what was once a private home into a public building. Along with that, all the electric must be done to present standards as there is mostly very old electric throughout the building now. An elevator must be installed in order to meet handicap needs. Public bathrooms must also be installed. These are the primary urgent needs in order to open. We will shortly begin a Capital Campaign; look for it on this site.

Museum Details

The Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory Foundation Inc. is a public benefit corporation. Its stated purpose is to establish the Maryland Museum of Women’s History and promote the history and accomplishments of women and in particular those of women in Maryland, or who were raised in Maryland or supported or contributed in a significant way to the life and culture of Maryland. The Foundation is named for a Queen Anne’s County woman, Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory. She wrote a history of this County of Queen Anne’s in an effort to buy back her house which had been passed down to her by her grandfather. She lost the house when her husband needed funds and it was sold. Her book raised enough to get her house back. Her story represents some of the kinds of stories that we will seek to tell through various means, not only in standing exhibits. Look for plays, musicals, dance, storytelling, photographic displays, architectural drawings, and more to tell women’s stories!

The Museum will host summer camps, various challenges across the State, opportunities for science projects via STEM throughout the High School system and more. Once open, the Museum will be available for women’s meetings, conferences, and guest appearances.

Membership in the Museum is not yet available. When it is, it will be announced throughout the press.