Upcoming Events

Maryland Museum of Women's History Art Competition

A Special Invitation To All Maryland Women Artists

The Competition Is On A Specific Theme:
What Do You Feel Has Been And Is The Impact Of The 19th Amendment

Deadline for filing entry form (not the painting: November 31, 2019
Submission must be in one of five media:
Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, Acrylic, or Etching


Rotary of Kent Island and Lundberg Builders present.... Fundraiser to benefit Maryland Museum of Women’s History

Presentation by QAC County Historian and President of the Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory Foundation, Mary Margaret Revell Goodwin on goals for exhibits, programs and projects that assure the lessons learned from women of the past will be carried on by our young women through the opportunities the museum can provide. • Various Maryland artists’ artwork for bid • Entertainment and Refreshments • Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 6pm Lundberg Builders: 314 Main Street, Stevensville, Md 21666

Email: vmarshall@lundbergbuilders.com
Phone: 410-643-3334

Walk-ins also welcome for this open house event!

Major Invitation: High School or Collect Tech Artists - Contact the Maryland Museum of Women's History for a possible job opportunity! Contact through Facebook Messenger or email with information regarding your art & computer tech abilities.

September 4, 2018

Best News of All! We have our Stonemason Extraordinaire! Jonas Miller, whose reputation for historic restoration is tremendous here on the Eastern Shore, including in Delaware. The list of historic properties he has worked on throughout the area, including Handsell, the Miller House at Wye Mill, & Cloverfields, are numerous. So many buildings have been saved as a result of his work!

Work Progress

September 5, 2018

Work Is Underway!! Critical to protecting Bloomfield in its most vulnerable areas is bolstering and buttressing those areas already damaged and in need of urgent repair. Thus rods & iron plates are in position to protect against the collapse of one corner of the building, especially in the face of a hurricane.

Past Events

First Annual Snowball Dinner

The First Annual Snowball Dinner held on February 9th was a magnificent success! 86 people attended, with a wonderful dinner served by Fisherman’s Inn in Grasonville. This was the first annual dinner, but the last on that likely will be held in Queen Anne’s County. The Second Annual Snowball Dinner will be held in Annapolis, site to be determined. All the Counties across the State will be represented.

The highlight of the dinner was the honoring of the first five women who received the Pathfinder awards. These crystal awards carrying the name of the woman and her achievement as a pathfinder for other women were presented one by one with speeches from the honorees. Several of the honorees were women who had already passed. In one instance the sons were there to speak of their mother’s achievements, in another a NASA scientist following in her heroine’s steps and came to accept the award on her behalf. One of Queen Anne’s County’s own lawyers accepted the award that went to a woman from long back in Maryland history. Use the link for the Pathfinders to learn of our first five women. Join us next year as we honor more Pathfinders who are doing, or have done great works!

Our first major fundraiser was held on July 20, on the 170th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Conference in 1848 when the first group of women joined together to work to obtain their right to vote. It was a fitting date to begin the journey to open the Maryland Museum of Women’s History at Bloomfield Manor in 2020 after we complete the restoration of the residence into a public building. As a result, we chose the theme of The Great Gatsby 20’s.

What a great evening! Jazz music from the 20’s, food that was the same as from the Great Gatsby table, and a special drink based on a peach based liquid to which was added Sloop Betty Honey Vodka all served up in a lovely late afternoon Eastern Shore summer setting. Guests could visit the first floor main rooms of Bloomfield and hopefully were enthralled with the potential of the building to become the Women’s History Museum.