Capital Campaign

The Maryland Museum of Women’s History has a considerable potential economic impact for Queen Anne’s County. While there has been a Maryland Women’s Heritage Center in Baltimore, there is no museum dedicated to the story of women in our nation’s history, nor the issues affecting women over time. This museum, located just outside of Centreville, seeks to address what is a major lack of the impact of women on National, State and County history.

The Maryland Museum of Women’s History was incorporated in the State of Maryland in May of 2018 and is a 501(c)(3) certified public non-profit through the Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory Foundation.  The property for the Museum is the Bloomfield Manor house on Queen Anne’s County property at White Marsh Park, 200 Bloomfield Farm Road on Rt. 213 North.

Unoccupied for some years, the building is in need of repairs. In addition, it must be converted from its historical (1760) past as a residence to a public building that meets public use codes. You will find attached here some of the major projects we are seeking to accomplish in the next 18 months in order to open in August of 2020 when the United States will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Women Getting the Vote. The cost to accomplish this is $4 Million Dollars.

The intent of the Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory Foundation, which is the functioning organization incorporated to bring the Museum into being, is to initiate our Capital Campaign with a Goal of $4 Million Dollars.

**Our means to raise these funds are numerous, beginning with a request for funding from organizations and businesses here in Queen Anne’s County. While this Museum is a state-wide museum, we feel it is important that the business community in which it resides shows its support for all the rest in the State to see.

**We are seeking corporate support, meaning large donations from business, especially those whose primary customers are women.

**We are seeking funding from individuals who would donate significant funds in the name of their mother, sister, wife, or daughter. Depending on the amount, this opportunity would mean bronze or silver plaques in the main hall of the museum in perpetuity. If the amount donated were larger, it could mean one of the exhibit rooms being named for a loved one.

**We are putting all our doors and windows up for “adoption”! As each one of these is “adopted” the window or the door will be pulled out, restored and put back in again. A small bronze plate will be placed next to the door or window in the name of the individual who made this donation. Again, this is a donation notice in perpetuity.

Two Major Project Needed to Open

We have two extremely large financial commitments for moving this building from a residence to a public building:

The first is that all four floors must be fire safe with a fire suppression sprinkler system. While costly enough on its own, this building is outside of Centreville and on well water, so it must have its own water catchment system which means digging a site for a large tank sufficient to hold enough water to suppress a fire and of course its own pump house. The sprinkler system is required for all four floors.

The second major cost project is the elevator system that goes throughout all four floors. As a public building, the museum must be completely handicap accessible. This also means new exits and public bathrooms on each level.

Once we have the architects’ plans for the public building we will have a more specific idea of the costs involved but together these two would account for $1 million of the $4 Million we are seeking. Both of these are 6-9 months away from our immediate needs.

Immediate Needs Vital (All have written proposals)

The immediate needs are vital in terms of the necessity for financing and the timing because they underlie what must be done for us to move forward quickly:

$15,000 to remove all the old ceilings.  This is vital for all the other work and planning to come. We will be trying to keep most of the original walls. Ceilings MUST come out for lighting and for the sprinkler system.

$22,000 for all the initial architectural work.  This is critical so that we can change the building from a residence to a public building and meet the code requirements. There will be a second final architectural project a year from now.

$32,000 for remedial work.  This is needed so that we can save all the original walls, restore them with re-plastering, & restore and protect all the original trims and take care of all the cleanup after the ceilings have been taken out.

$50,000 for Phase One Brick Structural Restoration. This is most critical. However, it cannot begin until next Spring after last frost because the mortar that will be used is the lime-based similar to the original mortar. Regular cement mortar is not acceptable for repairing historic properties. Note this is titled Phase One! It will require a number of years in the future to do the point work needed for the exterior of the rest of the house. This particular project involves rebuilding a corner of the building, a project well beyond pointing the bricks. At the moment the entire corner is secured with steel plates and rods and is very safe.

Unknown amount for new roof.  We are waiting to hear from the proposed restorers of our roof. It is essential that we get this underway before heavy spring rains.

Efforts Underway

This letter launches our Capital Campaign.

Our website and social media sites have been functioning very well. The story of the house, progress, and plans for the house are up on our website. We have had one major fundraiser. Funds from this helped with the earthwork we needed to have done to prevent rainwater draining into the basement, among other items.

Our next major fundraiser will be this coming January, the Snowball Event! This will coincide with a major publicity effort occurring which will help us to begin raising funds across the State.

The ceilings will be demolished in December this year. The work of the architect is also set to begin in December.

We hope to have work underway on the new roof either before the end of the year or the beginning of the coming new year.

Our website is

Contact for this project is Mary Margaret Revell Goodwin, president == 410-725-6782

The foundation mailing address is Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory Foundation, P.O. Box 557, Centreville, Md. 21617     Our bank is Queenstown Bank.  Checks should be made out to Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory Foundation.

Our EIN# is:   83-0699742

Our Capital Campaign committee is composed of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hoffman, Brad Lundberg, John Cvach and Mary Margaret Revell Goodwin