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Brad Lundberg
Michael Day
Cheri Hoffman
Doris Pullman
Chris Rosendale
John Cvach
Mary Margaret Revell Goodwin

How we came to be is the story of thinking out of the box to save an important historic property that would have a long-term public benefit once restoration was completed. Queen Anne’s County acquired the Bloomfield property in 2008, all 318 acres of the agricultural land that was about to go to developers. The park was dedicated in 2010 as a new County Park called White Marsh. Along with all the farm property came the historic home dating to 1760. The County tried mightily to find a use for it but sadly the costs to repair the house were beyond the scope of the new park use. Thus the house sat unused for a long number of years and more deterioration set it. In 2018 the discussions about the possibility of taking the house down and sending it to the dump began to reverberate. The County Commissioners felt that if it were possible to find a non-profit foundation to take over the house and restore it, it could be turned into a great museum.

This is how and why the Mary Edwardine Bourke Emory Foundation Inc. (MEBE) was formed and authorized by the State of Maryland in May of 2018. The IRS Non-profit status followed shortly thereafter. The purpose of the MEBE Foundation is two-fold, 1) to restore the building so it can be used as a museum, and 2) to operate the museum specifically to display, discuss, and present the history of women, in particular, Maryland women, although not exclusively. Presenting the history of women will offer information, stories, art and more on the lives and contributions of women to all humanity and to their communities.